Eared Feelings 2015-54

Who knows, I don’t, as to when and why I wrote this is, unclear, for sure. It had to do with something I was thinking of at the time. Do I truly understand it; the answer is yes, but the exact, why and when, no………..

Eared Feelings     2015-54

Words with feelings spoken unclear;

inner meanings vague,

I hear

Eyes off center, not focused true;

mine do bore thy soul,

I fear

Forever wanting, close and sure;

for the moment, your heart

I near

A sound, a tinkling in the wind

Promise of the here after

So clear

Truth be known between us two;

knowledge heard, with wetness

I tear

Den Betts

Revelation 2015-18

                                                Revelation 2015-18

I penned this when thinking about what I said to someone and then had moments of thought about what I actually said. What I told him was what I perceived as the truth and I wondered how he “took” it. Honesty is hard sometimes in the telling and hearing.

When does the spoken word

sound like a hacking cough

for all to hear even though

we do not want to hear?


Do we hear what we want to hear

and not what is said or

is what said, what we hear

or instead, what is not meant?


Is the truth a rasping sound

that grates our ears,

that makes our spine, our

ribs – chill with icy feeling?


Should we reject the words

and comfort ourselves with lies or

perhaps we should listen and hear

and realize in honesty – the truth?


What is said is not to discomfort

but enlighten for understanding and

to know,  may create compassion

and to hear may help with the understanding.

Den Betts