Faces of Jesus Christ 2017-35

Faces of Jesus Christ  2017-35

There are many renditions of artist interpretations of what Jesus Christ looked like, and these have been portrayed through the ages.  One of the most common pictures is the “laughing Jesus” that is shown with Him laughing about something and it shows him with flowing hair on his head, facial hair, and features, very much like an everyday guy you would see in the streets of America , with long hair.

Lately, artists have given us examples of what a typical mid-eastern man would look like who lived in the then Israel of the 1st Century.  It is different than the laughing Jesus, and looks Arabic to a degree.  These pictures show a ruddier complexion, shorter and darker hair, larger nose, etc. that could be more accurate of the then Jesus. 

Since, Jesus is not described in Scripture of the Bible, any rendition could be accurate.  It does not matter, because that was then and he fit in as a native of the area, when he lived in that area.

I have this scenario for consideration.

When I made a statement about someone who I was trying to convince there was a God, and Jesus Christ as the son of God,  I stated that “If Jesus Christ were to knock on the door, he would probably go and answer it and tell the beggar to go elsewhere.”

I wonder if I was suggesting that Jesus would look like the typical picture that was common and would have come dressed as he would have when He was alive?   Or, would he look like a modern-day man with a suit on, with shoes and overall garb that made Him fit in today of the 21st Century?

That got me thinking.

What if Jesus were to make himself known to individuals or a gathering of people today; how WOULD He look to each of us? I don’t know, but it would be neat to experience that moment again.

I have presented my past experience years ago, of meeting Jesus in what I titled, “The Happening”, but I do NOT recall or remember what Jesus looked like then.  That was not the crux of the experience really, and how He looked was not the important part of the moment then. 

My point is this.  What if every person of any nationality, creed, ethnic background, could see Jesus in THEIR minds how He would look like, to them, and each of us could accept how he looks as our own. A white man would see a white man, a black a black and an Asian an Asian, etc. 

Why not?  There would be discourse because each would argue that Jesus looked like them, and not the other, but that is a minor thing. 

 I read in Scripture, about a meeting of various people in the Bible got together with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-13, those in attendance all spoke their own language and could understand each other, that was an example of how looks could be the same thing in acceptance.

Den Betts

Presence Wanted? 2015-99

Presence Wanted?  2015-99

I have written about “The Presence” before, regarding the presence of the Holy Spirit in relation to religious or Spiritual life, but want to go further on this subject.

First off, let me suggest that we are believers of God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for the sake of argument. If some are not, go along with me on this for the moment.

My question is this. If the Triune God as mentioned in paragraph two, comprises “The Presence”, do we want His presence with us all the time? I mean “REALLY”!!!!!

I have alluded to this before; when we are taking a pee for instance. Or, when we are doing anything personal that is, well – personal……

Or, when we are doing something that is not really nice. I will let you fill in the equal to nice……….

You see what I am getting at. If “The Presence” of God is with us always, then we really do not have a say in this as to what we like or do not like.

I had one person say, “He CANNOT” be with us always.” I asked why and he said, “Because there are too many people on Earth for Him to be with all of us always”.  I do not agree with his argument. God has His time frame in our lives and is not bound by earthly time zones of our living by the clock. He CAN be with all of us, individually, and still take care of Godly things that He does, at the same time.

One more thing!  Let us just say we agree that He is with us always! How many of us would acknowledge His Presence being with us on a continual basis. How would our lives be changed if we know and are aware of His Presence being with us? You would have to answer that one yourself!

There are times, not always, that I feel His Presence with me. It is not a 24-7 type of feeling, but I am conscious of His Presence at times. When this happens I have a profound feeling of many emotions, all good…. In reality, I AM trying to have this feeling of His Presence be with me continually, for I LOVE the emotions that come with the feeling.

In a way, you DO have to be aware at these times. It is not something that just happens and is gone, but instead, is a specific time period of this awareness. The time period may be a moment or an extended period of time; all depends.  The “CANNOT” guy would attribute this feeling period of time to something else, I am sure. I may add that he has also become an unbeliever or an agnostic at the best, if even that.

I have also written about Meditation and mentioned that this is a time where a one on one period of time with God is possible. I use this meditation time to contemplate many things, pray about many things, and try to become one with God in the process. It works; usually. I say that because life happens and I do not always concentrate on what I am doing, but mostly it does succeed.

How does Meditation work? How do I feel His Presence? I can only say it is a process. It does not happen all the time, when I want it to, or when. It is a process of trial and error, of trying over and over, of waiting for the inevitable, I say that with the thought that it WILL happen, but it takes TIME. Most of us want things NOW and do not want to wait or work at things. That is normal, but it all depends on what you want and how bad you desire it.  I started this “process” a couple of years ago, after “The Happening” occurred and I am still learning, but now getting results. I love it……..

Den Betts