Primitives 2018-72

Primitives  2018-72

We Earthlings are a primitive lot!!!!!!!

I would imagine, in the Universe as a whole, there may be a species that would consider us the MOST primitive group that exists.

Some here, would disagree and make claims on how we as humans on Earth, have evolved to be the most advanced on Earth. The fact that our brains have become better formed and capable than other creatures which inhabit Earth does NOT make us able to say we are not primitive.

Nobody can say “There are no other intelligent creatures in the Universe”, and just like an atheist cannot say “There is not a God”, because they cannot prove their claims. As seen by those elsewhere in the Universe, that are made up of intelligent, civilized, advanced beings, our actions on earth could be called primitive in nature.  

We claim to be intelligent and again, advanced beyond other Earth species, but perhaps compared to others  elsewhere, we cannot claim to be even close to them.

We kill, we steal, we cheat, lie, deceive, and start wars, hoard, plot against others, form boundaries (sometimes with walls) are intolerant towards others, and prejudicial to so many people, and the list goes on and on and on. We have too many primitive ideas and actions to warrant making claims of NOT being primeval.

We can change our stature to being instead, more sophisticated and civilized, much more, than what we are now. This is easy to say, but hard to do. Individually, some can do this, but collectively, as a group, nation, country, etc. this is almost impossible.

Being primitive is something an Earthling does, it happens everywhere; not by “those people” or “over there”, but again, everywhere. Also, to claim being religious does not mean better, because many that make this claim are primitive thinking yet believe being religious excludes them.

So, until  more civilized creatures arrive to show us how primitive we as humans are, we can be self-deluded and think because we are more intelligent than a slug, we are not primitive.    HA!


Den Betts     bettsden @                                              

Earthlings 2015-46

I wrote this before, but post it now as a thought on how we are, living on the planet Earth, as groups of people, but also as individuals.  We speak different languages, have different customs, religions, beliefs, but we are all human, but sometimes don’t act that way. The majority of us (I think) believe in our God, but I just wonder what God really thinks about us at times, watching the goings on that we do to each other.

Earthlings  2015-46

All of the inhabitants are Earth People,

Living in many lands with different names.

Sharing in resources of this world,

Responsible for the continuation and each other.

Created by only ONE supreme being ruling over all– God,

Regardless of individual faiths or names given.

Conflicts in the name of faith, in wars and clashes.

Can only be classified as actions of primitives.

The races, all rich in the heritage of their own,

Once living in isolation with their same kind.

All having something to share, to lend to the others,

Yet now mistrusting the others in a most nascent way.

Primitives, thinking that they are the most intelligent,

The absolute hierarchy of knowledge in the universe.

Perhaps not knowing that actions, their thought patterns,

Classify them as one of the lowest in actuality.

Den Betts