Blackness and The Light 2018-85

Blackness and The Light   2018-85

The epitome of the blackness in life is NOT defined by any other actions or inactions. The infestation occurs from many sources, which envelop us in ways that are terrible. This void of light can be made by things beyond our control.

Desolation can reign, where it will and what we do with this feeling of life occurrences can be changed; but it takes work sometimes if not all the time, to eradicate it.

The makeover to a venue of consolation is, or can be, a simple matter, but again it is an undertaking, which involves more than just a wish for betterment.

I can remember a time where the dark pit of despair lingered with me and that was not a pretty picture of life to experience. Some could say, I had every right to have those feelings, but, more importantly, digging out of that trough is a story I don’t want to rehash now.

Suffice to say, it took time, some professional help and understanding by those I love, that got me through it and on the road to normalcy. Nothing and I repeat, NOTHING is unsurmountable in life that cannot be changed around to a much better living. Nothing!

Yes, there may be a change in life, but this has to be accepted; period! Not easy, but the way of life today in this chaotic living we have now.

Black is a color, that’s all, and life can be changed to a brighter and more beautiful way of existence and expression.

When someone says, “I know how you feel” and you know they do not, tell them!!!!  I now say, that if you are living in the darkness of life, a blackness of existence, a period of desolation, I truly can say, I know what you are feeling, and I can only say also, there is hope, there is an escape, there is an answer.

It may not be what you want to hear, it may not be what you want to believe, and it may not be what you want to do, but the light will be exactly what you need to live again the way you want.

I have seen the light, I relish in the enjoyment of living, and my life is now one of acceptance of others, happiness of living, contentment of existence, and enjoyment of knowing the light of life is with me always. It is somewhat our job to become the sons and daughters of light, spreading this brightness to all that we know around us. I am content with living now, beyond my dreams.


Den Betts

Question: What is the light?     

 In John 8:12 “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life. 

In John 12:36, “Put your trust in the light, while you have it, so that you may become sons of light.” 

In John 12:46, “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in the darkness.”

Answer: Jesus Christ IS the light!!!!!!!! 

Regression 2018-62

I will relate this now, not for me from before, but for anyone experiencing things that they want NOT to return, but instead, STAY AWAY from being in their minds or lives. Sometimes, if not many times, we want the past to remain the past and not come to the present, ever again. This could be a remembrance or something of an occurrence that is just too hard to envision again.  So be it!

Regression  2018-62


Going back in time, in

thoughts, words and deeds

To the beginning – not now

when things were or had begun

Mood swings revisited, with

feelings laid bare, Expressions

of the mind of the past, welling

to the forefront, high.

Depression returned to visit once

again-  not a friend

The hills and valleys of life’s

roller coaster ride continues

Tomorrow – a hope that the rise

will begin, away from the

regression once again…

Den Betts    Blog:

Troubled Waters 2018-48

Troubled Waters   2018-48

The troubled waters of life can sometimes be overwhelming. Some person can say, “Bear with it or Deal with it” or any words to, guide us in our misery. 

When a catastrophic event to us happens we might also hear, “I know how you feel!”   That is NUTS! They do NOT have any idea how we feel at that moment. Maybe a little, but not the whole feeling we are experiencing.

If I want to wallow in self-pity, that is up to me and I will own that feeling! I can appreciate concern for my mental wellbeing, and still thank them for their concern, truly.  You MAY have empathy for me and that is great, but my feelings are mine and again, I own them.

I believe I have gotten pretty good at hiding my true feelings. It does not bother me if others are privy to how I feel though.

Due to a past accident event in my life involving a brain injury, I continually have a “buzz like” feeling that could be compared to a tipsy feeling all the time in my head/brain.  It is somewhat controlled, but is something I live with daily. My wife is acutely aware of this, and other factors that make up my daily existence.

Why tell this?  I started by mentioning about “I know how you feel” people make to others about things like this.  I say, “No, you do NOT know!”  So, do not use these words, use some other expression instead. Your compassion, your hopeful love, your empathy is what anyone with the turmoil of troubled waters,  would rather hear.                                                                          

My God, our God, knows how I feel as well as others having feelings of desolation due to an event. I pray to God for the Holy Spirit to be with me, to console me, to comfort me in those times that are troubling. I can feel His presence and with that feeling, the negative becomes the feeling of consolation, and THAT IS GOOD!!

It is difficult to describe an easy way to have God become closer to us in our lives, but it is a process that is possible. It is more than flipping a light switch, but instead is something like taking stepping stones towards getting closer to God, to the one God of the Universe.

I have no doubts that there is a God, for I KNOW there is one, the Triune God that is Alive, Active, Aware, and Present – ALWAYS.

Ever since the event, long ago now, which I call “The Happening”, the “I think” became “I know” regarding my belief in God and with that, a different existence became the norm in my life.

The quest to get closer to God has become my goal and I continue in this journey. May the love of God be with you, to all of you, in your life, regardless of your faith, beliefs, religion, and all those things that make up our lives.


Den Betts 

Consolation and Desolation 2014-14

Consolation and Desolation        2014-14

How many of us, including me, have had some or any periods of consolation and also desolation in our lives? I remember my cousin’s husband saying, “I have never had a depressing moment in my life!”  Wow, what a lucky guy; but I did not believe him.  He ended up with problem kidneys and was on dialysis and finally said, “I quit” and died after stopping the treatment. Did he get depressed or get into a period of desolation; don’t know.

This past year or so, I have been studying, with  my Spiritual Director, St. Ignatius and the exercises (S.E.=Spiritual Exercises) Ignatius came up with during his life. Pastor Paul and I would key in on a “moment” that was part of the study, and some of them involved consolation and desolation. Allow me to quote some of his exercises, in the following.

Desolation, what is it?

Let me begin with the word desolation. Mr. Webster describes this as being lonely, with sorrow, grief or woe as a state of being.  If allowed to continue, a condition of clinical depression can occur and this is an extreme living disorder that can rule. I somewhat arrived at this situational state many years ago after being in an auto accident and finding myself unable to walk and talk correctly and experiencing a rehabilitation  stay in the hospital and rehab over 3-4 months.

The problem I had with desolation is the fact that it was ongoing and my mind could see no escape from the present.  This is a period where hope disappears and only dejection and sorrow remain. It is a horrible way to live and my thoughts were not positive at that time. Fortunately this changed and slowly I became aware of thoughts that were good and I became better, not great, but better. Also, a therapist named “Jim”  got me thinking that it was not “I”, but the accident that was causing me problems in life.

So, an event can create desolation, but what keeps it going?  Ignatius blames the evil one, which I have written about before as being the Devil. He stated that the evil spirit goes after weak points, when we are most vulnerable. We are unprepared for this period; we are fragile and susceptible to the weakness of life. He states our tactics should include firmness in our dealing with the evil spirit. My note at this junction show I said, “Just say no!” Well, that is easy to say, but sometimes hard to do; believe me.

When I do get somewhat depressed, I now turn to God, instead of a guy named Jim. If I show signs of depression or desolation, my wife, turns to me and asks me, “Have you taken your problems to God lately?”   I admit, I usually say “No!” and go into my man cave (actually my den, where my reclining chair is located), and start to pray to God. It helps almost always. If it does not, it is usually because I did not spend the time correctly or didn’t ask God about things he already knows about me at the time.


Call it what you want if you are a believer, but I say, or Ignatius states, “We will find that the good spirit (God) tends to give support, encouragement, and oftentimes even a certain delight in all our endeavors, S.E. #329)”.  He further expounded on the fact that “the good spirit brings about ….. Consolation in order to strengthen and to speed the progress of our life in Christ”.

Conversely, the evil spirit “on the other hand arouses good feelings so that we might be drawn to focus our attention on wrong things, or to pursue a more selfish motivation, or to get our own way before all else. Quietly, and slowly, the change is brought about until the evil direction becomes set and clear.” (S.E. 329)

I think of the writer, C. S. Lewis and the book he wrote “ScrewTape Letters”, whereas the minions of the Devil are actively at work trying various ways to change their “clients” beliefs in a way that is contrary to God’s wishes. They do this and that, which is somewhat interesting to read, but in reality is somewhat true for the evil one to succeed in the quest of dominion of souls.

To realize that there are actions by factions, to change your mind and work against you is somewhat daunting. We want to be in control and accomplish things on our own, which is human nature to do so. But, when we are so overburdened with remorse, or sadness, the fact that we can reach out to God and ask for His help is so very reassuring to know.

What will he do? I really cannot answer that, because only God will be taking action and I cannot predict what will occur. I do know that He works in His timeline and in His own way.  What we ask for is not exactly what we might get, and that is somewhat normal.

I asked God to help me recently and asked Him to do something. The end result was not what I expected but, in effect, He answered me in His way, which was better and had benefits beyond what I imagined.  I could feel the “consolation”, could name it, and I experienced it.

You might ask, “How can God do the things He does, with so many people asking Him for help or answers?”  I wondered about this in the past (long time ago) and even recently within the past number of years.  It wasn’t until it came to me, just what was going on in my life and how my relationship with God the Father, His son Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit was working.  It is amazing to know and I will share this opinion with you another time.

I leave you with these thoughts.  Consolation is grace by God and Desolation is evil by the Devil working against you.  I have to quote Ignatius again, “A time of consolation should provide the opportunity for a growth in true humility……. Acknowledge with gratitude the gifts we have received…. Take stock of how poorly we fare when such consolation is withdrawn…… If we are afflicted by desolation, we should take some consolation in knowing that God’s grace is always sufficient to follow the way of the Lord. (S.E. #324).