I am right and you are wrong 2017-52

I Am Right, You Are Wrong!!!! 2017-52


Huh!!!  I could not believe George, said that to me. I know George, who is someone that lives in the northern county from where I live.  The subject of our discussion is not important, but his statement really got to me.

We were having a simple discussion, and he threw this out to me. Maybe, someone has said this to you too and, if so, you know my feelings. What to say back?  Hmmmm..  A shrug of the shoulders and then my asking him, “How COULD you say that.

Well, some things we talk about can be debated, but many statements are definitive in nature.

I could say, “The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.” No argument there!  I could also say, “The world is round”, but a flatlander could come back with “Not so, it is definitely flat!” My chance to say, WRONG!!

Again, back to George.  I made an opinion of something and he said I was wrong and he was right. It is like his saying “vanilla ice cream is the best.” I then say, “No chocolate is”.  WE ARE BOTH RIGHT, because it is our opinion on a non-definitive issue.  Whew!!!!

George thinks he is right about most things anyhow, so I humor him and most often do not comment at all in what he states ln these cases.  He doesn’t like that, but that is the way it goes.

A fellow blogger, and self-avowed atheist, said I was wrong and his thoughts were the correct answer, in my statement that “there is a God.” Hey, he cannot PROVE there is NO God, and I would have a difficult time proving there is in an absolute way.   A stalemate!!!!

For my own reasons, I KNOW there is a God and Jesus is His Son; but that is me and my journey and in this respect, I KNOW I am right and not wrong/incorrect. This subject will be discussed and bantered around until the day when the second coming is a reality, and everyone will KNOW, will truly know…

I don’t care what the atheist thinks about God; that will be his problem to find out someday. Since I know God is alive, active, and aware of my existence, through His presence that is with me, I don’t have an issue with others that do not believe. So be it!!!

Den Betts                               denbetts@gmail.com

There is no God 2015-25

There is no God      2015-25

I read a news article today, on the Huff Post site that said, an actress, Julianne Moore (age 55), stopped believing in God after her mother died from a bacterial infection. She then said that she started therapy in her early 30’s due to being incredibly unhappy. She further stated that there is “no there” there, and continued with something about “structure” and that it is all imposed. She goes on and states that “we impose order and narrative on everything in order to understand it. Otherwise, there is nothing but chaos.” This all sounds a little strange, but maybe I should consider the source and circumstances.

That in itself is a sad story, but hearing it all stated as it is, is also, sad. I will not dwell on her life, which sounds like it has its problems or at least did. This reminds me of what I have read about C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) and his life. He had a similar experience and became an atheist, at age 15, after his mother passed away after an illness. Lewis prayed and prayed and he determined that there was no God because his mother died after many prayer sessions he had with God.

Lewis converted to theism in 1929 after talking with J.R.R. Tolkien a colleague who influenced him in doing so. I guess what I would like to show is the fact that many people turn from God because of “things” or “Life’s” happenings. The statement, “There is no God”  from sadness or private thoughts that make the person change their beliefs. OR, it could be that there was not a definite relationship with God in the first place. The list could go on as to the why’s of disbelief.

To those that have similar episodes in life or continued ones, I highly suggest reading the works of C.S. Lewis. He became, besides a Christian again, a Christian Apologist. This is where one attempts to present a rational basis for the Christian faith, defending the faith against objections. It is said that Paul the Apostle, in the early church, was in fact, an apologist, as well as many of the early writers of Christianity.

I have told many that I myself was not a Christian, until I got married. My Aunt Norma insisted that I join the church when I was a teenager. I joined after a 2-3 week course or catechism type thing and that was it! Even after I was married I was basically going through the motions and not really committed to God or Jesus Christ. I guess this is where I can say, “I did not have a relationship with God then.

Did I proclaim, “There is no God”? No, I did not! I just did not pursue the quest of finding Him or reaching out to Him. I have stated in the past,  that Christmas, to me, meant gifts, and Easter was a time of chocolate and marshmallow chickens and that was basically what I saw or as I was brought up. To those that do not allow their children to experience the teachings of Jesus, the Bible, and all the stories that are told in it, I think that is sad also. I can now look back and know that I missed something. I was always at a disadvantage of unknowing of the stories. It is too bad that Aunt Norma did not ask my mother to allow me to learn as others did around me.

Is there a God? I say, I do not just believe so; the fact is, I do not just believe there is a God, I feel that there is absolutely a God!!!!!!  A little convoluted, but that is what I believe. Can I prove it? I could make some claims like C.S. Lewis, a Christian apologetic, did, and perhaps in the future I may attempt to do so. Right now, I will say that I have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ.   Also, I have a story that I will tell in the future that I experienced, which makes me believe in what I believe.

I can only pray that those that have had bad experiences in their lives can overcome those times and reconnect with the God that comforts, consoles, and is always close to those that have those feelings. God does not wave a magic wand to make things the way we want them to be, but He is there always, His presence is near, always. This may not be enough for some, and that is also sad, for those that have the quest of more.

Den Betts – Jan 2015