God’s Plan 2018-82

God’s Plan       2018-82

If God has a “Plan” for us, sometimes, if not always, we do not know what it is for us.  In fact, we might be the last to know what the plan is.

OR, we might have a plan (actually His) and know it in complete detail, but then our plan is thwarted, and it falls apart without our say so, or for whatever reason.

I was in a stupor similar to a coma, had an oxygen mask and was in intensive care, all from the aftermath of a knee surgery, replacing the knee. I don’t remember much of that time period, but I somewhat recall words coming to me in my mind stating, “I am not ready for you, I have much for you to do.”

That was great, because I was told later that the doctor asked my dear wife if she wanted to have a DNR order for me at the time. She did not say, “Hell no” but did explain that the numbers on the machine and on the charts were not THAT bad.  (Don’t mess with an RN, which she was at the hospital)

The fact that it was NOT a booming voice, but instead a peaceful one, is just the way I remember it. Thinking back, I was not scared, but mindful of it and it did get my attention, which was saying a lot.

OK, that is great, and I feel, I believe, what I heard was a message from God, saying something to me. Then, later, when I was more aware, I then asked, “What ‘Plan’ does God have for me?” What I have found out or came to realize is the fact that I am LIVING under God’s plan, since then, now and in the future. It took me awhile to understand the ramifications of what that Plan was or is, but it finally came to me what was expected. 

It would be terrific if God could lay it all out for us right away, so we would know exactly what to expect, what to do in detail.  We would know what to do when we should modify our actions to fulfill the Plan.

God does NOT work that way though.  He might have a “Plan”, but it allows for human interpretation and change, because we ARE human. We are subject to outside influences and though the “Plan” might be a good one, it is affected by our life’s living choices

He KNOWS that, and His patience and understanding are supreme, therefore He puts up with the deviations we subject His “Plan” to, that we are supposed to make happen.

Part of, but not all of the Plan is getting closer to God and Jesus Christ.  This is NOT easy, again, due to our human frailties, but, is part of the fulfillment process. There is more, but, since it is the Plan for ME, I will not go into any more detail.

Suffice it to say, God is out there, He is Aware, He is Alive, He is Active, and He is ALWAYS Present to talk to, to reply and be heard, to submit to, and to love, as He loves us all.


Den Betts            Email: djbetts@gmail.com       Blog: thebettsden.com

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