Y in the Road 2018-53

Y in the Road  2018-53

A “Y” in the road to ponder about, contemplate and think about.

Which way to go, and, do we think of, what will happen if the one we take is wrong?

What will be, will not be, if the other is trodden instead!

At the end, an always present way of life will occur.


Feet stir up dust of memories, not realized from the path not taken,

Creating puddles of dust by the door, not opened.

A journey begins with a decision, and a decision not made, affects the outcome.

Tis not easy to live with a bad judgement, but, better to make a dubious one than not at all.


Sometimes we get a second chance of life to retrace our path, and with the retread, a better life will

prevail, with not much time or effort wasted; hopefully!

BUT, not taking a chance, insures no guarantee that our lives will be improved,

The journey begins with one step, then another, and finally,

An end to the mysteries of life will prevail.


The mysteries! Something to think about, something to actually do, to experience. What will be the

outcome of we change our ways of life, or at least modify them? We can become complacent in life and

continue down the road of mediocrity and do the same old things the same old way.   OR, we can burst

out of our shell that keeps us imprisoned in a life style of everyday similar experiences. 


This can be scary, or at least, intimidating. To not try something because of the risk of failure or feeling

that we will not succeed or become different is normal, but if we do not become what we want, then so

what!!!!  We tried, and in the trying, we might become better than what we are today.

Something to think about!!!!!!!



Den Betts                  Email: bettsden@gmail.com     Blog site: thebettsden.com

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