CHURCH GoNoGO 2017-22

CHURCH – GO/NO GO  2017-22

This blog is related to my previous one where I expounded on Death of Religion.

They both touch on the same premise that whereas religion is perhaps dying, so is going to church, which goes hand in hand to a degree. If you go to church, then you may disagree, but if church is not on your list of things to do, then you might know what I mean.

I travel to church regularly, and on Sunday A.M. it appears I am the only one traveling up the road to where I attend church.  I pass two golf courses and many are busy with golfers taking advantage of the early tee time, I would presume.  Is it a typical sign of the Go/No Go People of the world; don’t know.

It is a fact that church is NOT on the list of things to do on Sunday for many people. Many people are engrossed in whatever they pursue in life, be it going to a soccer game, baseball game or other sports related endeavors.  Such is life.  OR, it may be a chance to just sleep in and enjoy a day before going back to work on Monday.

Many things about how church turns people off and that is why they stay away, has been stated as the reason for the No Church crowd. The church is too judgmental! It is hypocritical where they say one thing and do it themselves. They, being the people that go to church.

I cannot say that the church I go to is either, but perhaps I am prejudiced about the members of my church in being decent members of the community that do not do those things. I would think we DO have some that think that way, but they are not obvious if they do.  Or is it that this is an excuse to not being a part of the community of church people and they do not want to be held accountable in some way.

I would say to those that think this way, “We are ALL sinners, having foibles, and we are all imperfect and again, most of all we are ALL sinners, so join the crowd.” I would think that Jesus Christ would want us in the church, mingling, talking, questioning, asking, challenging, and finding out about Him through education of the Scriptures.

If you do go, and find it unwelcoming or unfriendly in any nature, maybe you went to the wrong church or denomination of faith.  Granted, some churches could stand to be better in inviting people to attend or to come back for a second time or so. Not ALL churches are the same, that is a fact. Some have different beliefs, different leaders, different members and I say, they do not represent the whole, just that church itself.

Someone I know stated they do NOT go to church or involve themselves in “community” like a church because they feel they do not NEED this type of activity.  I find that the church that I attend does have a feeling of “community” and we do things that are important in life, being involved!  This community activities help us and help others in many ways.  We have a lady in the church, named Dorothy that started a project called Dorothy’s Porch that GIVES away clothes and household items to those that need or wants them. We have a project each month that is a food bank giveaway, which helps those again NEED some help in daily living by getting food from the Food Bank of Cleveland, OH.  THIS IS COMMUNITY and it is a part, just a part of going to church.  We are NOT judgmental or hypocritical about what we do, we just do it.

These are just two of the areas that we have found that help the community around us and any that say this is not a good thing are wrong; period.  Being involved means getting involved, simple as that. There are other things that transpire over the year I could expound on, but you see what I mean.

I say, don’t go to church if you feel it is a wasted effort, but do come if you want to find out about Jesus Christ and what He did that means so much to any and all today.  He, God and the Holy Spirit, as the Triune God, ARE there as well as elsewhere around us, and they ARE Active, they ARE Alive, they ARE Present in our lives regardless of what some think.

Peace be with you

Den Betts

2 thoughts on “CHURCH GoNoGO 2017-22

  1. DeareTALK the st Dennis— I believe this the third time I have chosen these words, and was not accepted….MUST BE THIRD ONE IS the CHARMER!!!!!I recently read your wonderful post tonight: and it truly (MOVED ME)….. I know speaking only of myself, that in the past year it has been “VERY DIFFICULT  for me, yet; I DID NOT LOSE MY FAITH in OUR FATHER-OUR LORD, and the HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!   I have however, over the past year “LOST FAITH IN CERTAIN PEOPLE.   As you know, and have expressed, the “faithful shall continue to go to church on Sunday….Y-E-T;when leaving on that day,,,,,they cannot “WALK the WALK”   or Talk the TALK (the fakeness truly gets to me and, I know this is something I as GOD’s child will have to work through!!!!!  Sorry, in the beginning, words ran together…..I KNOW I AM BEING JUDGEMENTAL….I AM HUMAN, this is something I will have to bring a tool in my “LIFE” and accept, —-SOMEDAY—-   I LOVE JOANN and YOU and the “TRUE CHRISTIANS that are there for me—-PLEASE  BY THE GRACE OF GOD—-FORGIVE ME….I KNOW I SHOULD NOT, and NEED TO CHANGE WHAT I CAN, and know the “WISDOM to know the Difference…I  SHALL and I WILL….work on this everyday!!! HOPING TO SEE BOTH of YOU—in the FUTURE, and “thank you for (BELIEVING IN ME)—-LOVE LINDA  XXxx


  2. We definitely have found ourselves a community, but also a family, that definitely is not exclusive, but provides for those whose families are not near, or are alienated in some way. Sunday morning, Wed. evening, and our other times together strengthened the bond we have with each other, but also bond us in our faith and the Lord Jesus, with the Holy Spirit whispering in our ear all the time!


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