Sense of War 2015-138

I cannot really identify with the feelings expressed in this poem, but being a U.S. Marine, I have had friends that experienced at first hand the trials and tribulations of the horrors of war. An old Gunny Sergeant I knew would give me a 1000 yard stare of remembrance, when he related to me the things that happened on islands of the Pacific during WWII. I say old, but he was probably only around 40 at the time, whereas I was ONLY 21 or 22 then.  The related stories were unbelieveable, but true, due to the living of the time, the way it was for him…..

I wonder who we can give credit to for various wars. Obviously, certain leaders of countries have the overall blame or credit. But, then again, can we as individuals, look in the mirror and say we have partial blame, by supporting those in power, not stating our beliefs enough against war, waving the flag of our country as a national pride issue, and on and on and on…….  Is war necessary? Is war justified? I will save that for another time……….

Sense of War 2015-138

How sad the eyes that peer outside

Which view the world with pain

The mouth set grim from thoughts that hide

the truth inside the brain


A shell of a rose from

upturned nose that covers

a putrid stench.

Both ears that hear the

mournful cries of beasts

within the trench.


The taste of blood upon torn

lips, bit from cries of anguish

A touch upon sallow face,

streaked with tears of sorrow.


A feeling left from a deadened heart

that hopes for the arrival of tomorrow

A sense of shame from being part

of a war that makes no sense.


Den Betts

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