Help Me!!!! 2015-132

Help Me!!!!         2015-132


Help me!!!!!

I am writing or typing this as fast as I can. I guess I am asking for help, but doubt if you can do so. Stop, let me start all over….

I have been getting this feeling in my head, well actually in my ear. It was driving me nuts or at least bothering me a lot. I would get my fist at my right ear and rub it to try and get the feeling to disappear. It did not work. The more I rubbed the more my ear inside hurt and the outside got red.

This started last week. I would put my little finger in my ear and scratch inside, but that did not work. The rubbing was making my ear look like the dickens. I had one ear my normal color and the other a reddish glow or ember of light looking like a lightbulb.

My ear doctor said, “Never put a Q-Tip inside your ear”. It was easy for her to say. I went and got two of them from the drawer and proceeded to dig. Well, not dig, but swab tenderly; sort of. I inserted it in and pushed it deeper until I could go no further.

I felt resistance and then something happened. It was somewhat pulled out of my fingers and just hung there, wiggling. What the heck! It went up, then down and then round and around. I looked in the mirror above the lavatory and watched it rotate.

I took this in for about a minute that seemed like ten. This was something I did not experience before, and just looking at this was unnerving. I became transfixed with what I saw, but my mind was spinning with questions. What in the world was going on, I thought.

Time for action I decided. I reached up and carefully grabbed onto the swab. As soon as I did I could tell that whatever was causing this, did not like it. The swab was tugged and it went into my ear a little farther. It could only go so far I thought at the time. I slowly pulled on it and it started to come out of my ear.

Now I am heartened with the realization that I was in control. I kept tugging and finally it withdrew the whole way. At this time I was shocked. There was something on the end. I held the swab up, closer to the light and peered at a strange object.

On the end was, what looked like a, well, like a lady bug, or so I thought. It was the same size, and had what I thought were legs. The back was colored, and somewhat changed color. I thought of what oil on water would look like with a swirling color. At the one end was kind of like a head with a mask on it, or so I thought. It pivoted and looked up at me.

Now I am a little scared. What is it? What is it doing in my ear? How did it get there? What now??? Too many questions and no answers. As I stood there thinking about it, something then happened. It, whatever it was, turned and was pointed at me. Then it decided to do something.

All of a sudden, a beam of light came out the things other end. It was green, a dark green light. It was on the swab and then it was not. It took off toward the window of the bathroom. Like a laser beam it was traveling in a straight line toward the window. Then it hit the glass and a cracking sound occurred and the “thing” fell to the window sill. The glass was starred with a circle in the middle and rays of broken, but intact pieces radiating out. Whatever it was now on the sill, very still and it was not moving.

There was a glass mason jar with candle wax in it, nearby, so I grabbed it and turned it over on top of this buggy type thing. I decided to get my camera and magnifying glass to record and look at it better. I took off for my den to get them and returned in minutes.

The candle glass was still there, but inside there was now a blue hazy smoke obscuring the thing. I carefully lifted the jar up and there was now a smoking, black piece of debris with what looked like a charred leg sticking up. I would not be able to tell what it was now. That was OK, I thought.

I had enough. My experience was really different and to say, unusual. My right ear was fine now with the thing gone. It started to look better, and the itching pain was gone. Relief was evident in my mind, but the questions were there about what I just experienced..

I went and sat down on the bed in the bedroom to go over what had happened. I then put my head on the pillow to think some more. Then I felt it. My left ear started to itch and I rubbed it with my hand to make it feel better

Help!!!! Another one is here; inside me, in my ear making me itch like my right ear. Help me!! I think it is going the other way, INSIDE my head, not out of my ear; HELP MEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


Den Betts

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