Alive 2015-106

To be alive is to be experiencing life itself. To take in the joys of creation and know that what your senses are having is to know that you are again, alive. A round robin of thoughts of knowing what life is all about. Sometimes all it takes is to STOP and smell the roses of life and know that there are more important things to do than to do what we are doing then and not doing what we could be doing instead.

Alive   2015-106

To look above and see the blue sky and

watch drifting clouds meander by

Observe three birds on green grass; no four,

hopping, pecking at the ground, for whatever more

A squirrel chattering at nothing around, making

noise to be heard, just to be seen peering down

Looking through the camera of my mind at all

a three dimensional picture in my skull, a miracle!

To listen to a radio and hear of the world out there,

and see on TV the happenings as they occur anywhere

To be aware of life, to feel and touch, and smell

and taste the sweetness of lips on mine, of thine….

To be alive, and let the senses work their magic

Letting my mind know that the body exists

To appreciate the splendor of the moment

I realize that what is – really is

And not a figment of imagination

But instead, a reality of life itself.

Den Betts

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