Final Frontier 2015-104

We all have or are living a journey of life. Where that journey, or when, it ends is actually unknown, usually. But, there will be an end sometime. And where we will be is really unknown to us in certainty. Those of unbelief have an easy answer, but those of faith of any nature, have an idea of the where, or a hope of where.

                   Final Frontier   2015-104       

A journey made by all at one point in our lives

for some to soon and for others much to late


A certainty that comes to all eventually most sure

by the process known as common fate


The equalizer for mankind, from kings to lowly serf

but bringing us all together in a unique way


No one really knows how the mingling actually occurs

of the faiths, race, and different beliefs today



A place without the prejudice, and clannish thoughts

of coexistence with a spiritual aura replacing fear


An eternal rest from a sometimes tortuous trip on earth

becoming as one in word and deed with those most dear


An adventure of sorts, made with trepidation by all, many

with fear, some with a smile based on faith from birth


The ultimate unknown; realized, acknowledged and conquered

no longer a trip to be made, but instead one done

Not over – only begun…………

Den Betts


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