On the Road 2015-98

How many of us worry too much about things at times. To go someplace and be concerned about what we will see when we get there. We sometimes put too much emphasis on the outcome, and forget about the actual preparation and enjoyment of the trip. Yes, we can live with hope that we have a great time when we get there, but getting there is sometimes more than half the fun of the trip. I say this, but I can also add, not always……

On the Road      2015-98

A beginning- begun – to travel up and down the road

Around the turns and up the hills, out of gas at times

A trip involving detours and changes of direction

The stop and go, the hit of the brakes and stomping on gas


People ands places passed by –  a part of the fast lane

Never really talked to or taken time to see

A tour intermixed with interesting highlights shown

Beauty, passion, many untold and some renowned

The side jaunts to see a special space


Forever in mind once seen, not forgotten

All the times spent, all the trials and tribulations

Of the ride, the actual travel so much remembered

Again, its time to realize, “It’s not the destination, but

Instead, the journey that makes life so great”.

Den Betts

One thought on “On the Road 2015-98

  1. we are companions on the journey! too often we forget to appreciate that we have a permanent place to end our final journey.


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