Silent Song 2016-66

My life has changed, no longer what it was, but now is… What occurred in the past is gone, only to be remembered. Episodes of life to be thought of with joy and some with negative connotations.  I am still me, but in a different way. This is not uncommon, but the realization of Self as it is, is unique to me, and very interesting.  I wrote the below, to express the rambling internal thinking of my life, not to be understood by others, but to reinforce my own understanding of my existence……………… 

                                               Silent Song 2016-66 

                                    Mindless melodies contorted with rhyme, 

                                    Playing parodies in the present time 

                                    Lingering lyrics float in the air, 

                                    Stating sentences of a care, a dare 

                                    Fractural fibers leap in sine 

                                    Creating chaos in the mind of mine 

                                    Wandering wisps of static substance 

                                    Forever lost, but not forgotten. 

                                   Dennis Betts