Ode to a Toe 2014-28

This is a silly poem, about a toe!!!!! Years ago, I sat on my couch in my bare feet and was trying to wiggle the big toe of my left foot. Before my auto accident, I could make my left big toe “click” by manipulating it, sort of, like “cracking” a knuckle. After my accident the nerve connections from my brain to the toe sort of got jumbled up and I found it impossible (and still do) to do what I could do before., So, as I said, I am sitting there and this silly poem came to mind, and I wrote it down., right then and there. Sort of weird, but true.

Ode to a Toe    2014-28

You count all of them,

And find that there are five

“It” is huge as can be,

Compared to the other four

A monster it is, right beside,

Its neighbor and also the other three

What it does as it wiggles around,

Makes you wonder a thing or two

Of the reason for its existence,

Since it’s the biggest one

But, ask anyone and they will know

Because?!, its just “Zee BIG FAT TOE!”



Woe of a Dog 2014-3

Woe of a Dog                                                                                                 2014-3

We had two dogs while living in Euclid, Oh, and both were, att one time or another, invested with those critters called fleas. The dogs would go outside in the yard and collect them and then bring them inside, of course.

It never became a BIG problem, but did involve “dusting” of the dogs!! It helped, but during the summer the fleas were a constant annoyance for both the dogs and us humans that took care of them.

To see a dog, cat or pet of any kind with fleas, sitting and scratching and knowing what is causing the discomfort, makes one feel for the animals.

Woe of a Dog

What is the answer for the life of a flea

Why does he have to pester me?

When will he finish and go away

So I can get up and go out to play?

With all this itching and scratching I do

My time for fun will soon be through.

Why did I snuggle with that infested collie?

I now regret that short lived folly.

OH, for the life of a flea I see,

His only thoughts are to chew on me.